the experience

Get excited!! You are a high school senior.  You've waited a long time for this moment to finally arrive, and we want to share in this amazing experience with you.  A large part of our business is built on senior portrait photography, so every part of everything we do is with you in mind.  We use the word 'experience' because we offer so much more than just an average photo.  When you reserve your senior portrait session with Carlson Photography, you can expect custom senior portraits that are authentic, fun and personalized to you. You are one-of-a-kind and your portraits should reflect that. Never settle for less because you're worth it.

Carlson Photography is for seniors who want portraits that will look like them.  Portraits that "pop" because of the attention we give to the details in posing, lighting and editing. Making you look and feel amazing is what we do best.  Carlson Photography is for parents who want their senior's personality captured at a milestone time in their life in a timeless portrait that can be displayed in the home until their senior's children can see it some day.  Carlson Photography is for those who want the BEST.

We know that you can choose anyone to be your senior portrait photographer. Our hope is that you will choose us.



THE SNEAK PEEK | You get pre-portrait planning at Carlson Photography. Once you have reserved your portrait session, you and a parent will visit the studio a week or two before that date for a Sneak Peek.  At the Sneak Peek, you will see an image show to get more ideas of what you want to do for your portraits. You'll get valuable information about clothing selection and tips on hair & makeup. You will also get a tour of the studio so you can see where you'll be photographed; both in our camera rooms and our outside locations. You'll also complete a Senior Portrait Profile sheet telling us more about you and what YOU want for your portraits.

THE PHOTO SESSION | This is where the fun really begins! Before we start with any photography, we'll help you relax by just reviewing your outfits and any special ideas you have for your photos. After that, all you have to do is just be yourself and have fun. It's our job to capture your natural expressions and poses. Expect talking, joking around and a lot of laughing! Before you leave, we'll schedule your next appointment when you'll view the amazing images we just captured.

THE IMAGE DEBUT | About one week after your photo session, your images will be ready for viewing. You and a parent will return to the studio for your Image Debut. During this appointment, you will view an image show of YOU. Then we will go through a Senior Portrait Guide Book with the details of what choices you can make for ordering your portraits. We offer Portrait Collections that start at $529, or you can order Ala Carte. You will also get to see the many unique portrait products available. A $350 advance is paid at this time which allows you to take the image booklet home with you to make your final decisions in the comfort of your home. The advance is applied to your portrait order, which we will pre-schedule for one week from this date.

THE ORDER | One week after your Image Debut, you will return to make your portrait order and select your frames. If you have any questions about which images will look best for your portrait selections, we can view them enlarged on the monitor. This is the time to also make sure we know what requests you have for 'touch ups' of your selected poses. The $350 advance you paid at your Image Debut will be applied to the order, and then a minimum of 1/2 the balance must be paid at this time to start the order.  Due to the custom nature of your order, the finished portraits are ready in approximately six weeks.

THE DELIVERY | When your finished portraits are ready, we will call you to reserve a short appointment for you to come and pick them up. All portraits you ordered frames for will be finished with a dust cover, framing hardware, bumper pads and be ready to display at home. All you will need is a hammer.

Most importantly, we're here to help every step of the way.  

If you have any questions at all, please call us so we can chat.  920-735-9445